Flexy Cut
Flexy Cut sheeters are high-tech machines, electronically controlled, equipped with brushless motors and electronic controls in electric axis (gantry) between them (gearless machines require little maintenance). Easy and quick settings adjustment makes this machine the best choice also for short runs.

The unwinder assembly is in solid steel and houses the pneumatic expanding shafts. The reel has an automatic brake and unwinds on a series of idle rollers (one of which is a passive dancer roller).

A sensor, placed just before the towing roller, detects the calibration mark and ensures that the cut is aligned with the reel. The cut assembly has a solid multi-disk structure in welded steel, sheet squareness can be manually adjusted according to the size specification.

Cut regulation can be made both on the fixed and the rotating counterblade. Sheets are transported on a double series of conveyor belts, piled up (5-30 sheets) on the stacker roller and moved by the transporter (with polyurethane timing belts) onto a ‘high-pile’ collection tray consisting of U-shaped oleodynamic catwalk (equipped with a level indicator to detect the upper edge of the ream or an electronic system that slides up to the set number of sheets).

Cut sizes can be set up from the touchscreen (10.4”) control panel, fully integrated in an aluminium heald frame and equipped with a rotating support arm; the control panel can be also designed to store past works in a dedicated database. Automation is supported by a SEVIO system for remote diagnosis.
• Paper (tissue paper, wrapping and packing paper, gift paper, non-woven paper)
• Cardboard
• Self-adhesive paper, silicon paper etc. 10-250 g/m²
• Plastic films in polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene (thickness: 30-200 μm)
• Aluminium (thickness: 30-200 μm)
• Coupled materials


Torque and brushless motors in electric axis, controlled by specific drivers


10.4” color touchscreen control panel housed in a rotating support arm

Check systems

Automatic regulation of the sheet squareness based on the size


Cut size settings, including past works, stored in dedicated database

Collection system

Conveyor belts and stacker roller (5-30 sheets)


Reams are stacked onto an electro-hydraulic catwalk or motorized belt


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 Flexy Cut

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